Crossroads - the first school that understood that poetry, music, and backpacking are as important to turning out great students as are mathematics and science. And if there hadn't been a school where the whole kids mattered, I would never have been able to accomplisth the things I 've been lucky enough to do in this life. Paul Cummins and Crossroads changed my life.
Amy Pascal - Chairperson of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony's Columbia Pictures
I was so happy to see such dramatic progress in their enthusiasm about school and excitement about learning new things. I was especially pleased to see Rylan's interest in reading. I loved hearing her telling me about Rosa Parks. In the past, whenever I wanted to read with her, she had little interest or attention. Now Rylan is not only happy and excited to read but also loves discussing her books and telling me so many stories about school and what she's been learning. I wanted to let you know that whatever methods you are using to teach in your school, it is definitely working. I look forward to watching Rylan and Levi's progress in school and in life.
Fran Borress, SYCAMORE SCHOOL grandparent
As Paul Cummins once remarked, 'Passion without intelligence is of limited value' - and the inverse is also true - for who would want intelligence without passion? We see what can happen when these two qualities work in sync.
John Densmore, drummer for THE DOORS and author of THE NEW YORK TIMES bestseller RIDER ON THE STORM
We are so incredibly grateful that Emme is having such a fantastic experience at Sycamore. I have seen such a huge change in her love of and for learning in the past months, and I know we have you all to thank for that. You are all such a dynamic team and your ability to bring your individual talents, experience, and personalities to the table make for a very special and very effective learning environment. We are all SO incredibly grateful.
Molly Marler, SYCAMORE SCHOOL parent
Our education system badly needs some bold thinking. Paul Cummins's vision of what Amiercan education could be is imaginative and inspiring.
Howard Zinn
We have noticed her initiative, confidence, and skills growing so much in these few months. Thanks for the fantastic guidance from the Leadership Team! She is very happy going to school every day. Learning to be self motivated is the key to life, as far as I am concerned, and she is getting better at that every day that she is with you guys. So, thank you for this.
Nicole Barnette, SYCAMORE SCHOOL parent
My father, Ralph Abernathy, and my 'Uncle Martin' Luther King would have applauded Paul Cummins, his books, his life's work and his profound contributions to humanity, as I have.
Donzaleigh Abernathy, Actress and Human Rights Activist
Last weekend, Cooper asked me if he could have a playdate with True and Eli. Apparently they were working on a boat project and never finished it. He said they still needed to work on the details. This is the first time Cooper has EVER asked me to do homework in his life, and on a weekend! So you guys are doing something really right and just wanted to say a huge thank you. Amazing change in him.. Thanks again
Wendy Sweetmore, SYCAMORE SCHOOL parent