“Education is a human experience. If we do not treat it as such, we miss an opportunity to instill compassion, integrity, and a true fire for growth in those we entrust with the future of humanity.”
Tedd Wakeman


Opus119 represents the marriage of the 21st Century innovation, proven and engaging methods of instruction, and a recognition of students as humans in search of a relevant and engaging learning experience. We help students develop the skills needed for their individual futures and not our collective past.

Students come to understand that learning is not limited to school contexts and textbooks. Opportunities for observing, questioning, synthesizing, and creating meaning are ever-present in students’ lives. Learning to recognize these moments is crucial. Students will develop the desire to pursue these moments and the skills to explore and evaluate them.

OPUS119 learners become excited about learning and engaged in their education and intellectual development. Learning is relevant, project/problem-based, playful, and appropriately challenging. It consists of exploring foundational solids (language arts, math, science, history, the arts) with an integrated perspective, while being introduced to new ideas, concepts, and ways of looking at the world.

Each student develops tools to allow him/her to tackle a complicated and ever-changing world. Instead of memorizing content, students focus on autonomous problem-solving and creating meaning from the world around them. These goals intentionally encompass 21st Century skills, such as creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurialism. STEAM competencies are nurtured as an outgrowth of a future-focused approach.


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With an average of 7-10 students in each learning space and a small student population, the OPUS119 school experience ensures each student has access to available human resources and is able to participate and contribute meaningfully to the greater community.


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Students’ unique strengths and passions are engaged through individually tailored and designed programs. In addition, individual student needs will be met through weekly, small-group classes as well as two-on-one instruction with educators. (two students meet with the subject teacher once a week for all solids)


Developing our students’ creative and inventive talents and interests is an active, vital part of our curriculum and community. Our programs will include film studies, music and recording arts, graphic and animation arts, as well as dance.

In coordination with our teachers, each student designs an individual project based around their unique passions and areas of interest. These projects bring out the best in design thinking, communication, and problem solving. Our educators, counselors, and staff provide support and resources to help students realize their full potential, while embracing challenge and failure as an opportunity to iterate and grow.

Students have opportunities throughout the week to work independently in our Learning Lab. Educators are present to answer questions and help guide students working through research and assignments. This provides individualized attention and frees up time at home for family activities, individual pursuits, and leisure time.

OPUS119 has a full-time counselor on campus. This allows us to provide essential college-acceptance support as well as assist students and families with life and learning challenges.

Because we know  that students thrive when they are able to express themselves outside of academia, the OPUS119 experience incorporates personal development, arts, physical movement, community service, and sustainable world studies that engage students in unique ways that not only inspire, but open new doors to understanding and self-expression.